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What's New

This page provides information on additions and updates to the Computare website. Direct links to new information are provided as appropriate. Should you follow them, please click on "What's New" in the menu structure if you wish to return directly here.

July 4, 2017

bullet Letters to Lethbridge Herald re Alberta energy efficiency programs  

January 29, 2017

bulletEnergy Collegium presentation to AAMDC Fall Convention, Edmonton. Alberta

December 31, 2016

bullet Implications of Alberta Bill 27, The Renewable Energy Act

November 15, 2016

bulletPresentation to AAMDC on Alberta Climate Leadership Plan for renewable electricity and coal phase-out.

June 18, 2016

bulletInformation on cost of Alberta's coal phase-out plan

December 12, 2015

bullet Letter re wind power and and Alberta Climate Leadership Plan

September 7, 2015

bullet Submission to Alberta Government Climate Change Review Panel

August 26, 2015

bullet Letter re electrical transmission costs to Taber Economic Development

January 6 - April 9, 2015

bullet Letters re questioning of climate science claims, fusion energy and potential for a  provincial carbon tax

March, 2015

bulletAlex Epstein, Vaclav Smil and Isaac Asimov book reviews

January 11 - December 4, 2014

bullet Letters re environmental organization interference with environmental reviews and questions re reduced rate of global warming

October 20 - December 19, 2013

bullet Letters re climate change and environmental organization interference

January 18, 2013

bulletPresentation to SACPA by Anthony Anyia (Alberta Innovates) re biochar R&D

June 21, 2012

bullet Letter re John Davies presentation on electricity system  deregulation to Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs

June  10 - 13, 2012

bulletCNS 33rd Annual Conference - Western Focus Seminar and Small Reactor Plenary Session

June 3, 2012

bulletCommentary on Canada's Kyoto Withdrawal
bullet Letter re Tim BALL presentation at SACPA

May 3, 2012

bulletLetters re Alberta electricity price and oil sands boycott instigated by ForestEthics.

January 22, 2012

bulletRevised mandate to focus on energy for life
bullet Letter re energy for life

December 22, 2011

bullet Letters on Kyoto and oilsands
bulletGuest, Don Jones, article on varying nuclear plant output to match variable loads
bulletISEEE Conference on the Assessment of Future Energy Systems (CAFES)
bulletVisit to Idaho National Laboratory

August 24, 2011

bulletLetters on electricity supply and climate change
bulletEnergy Bridge article on nuclear energy and Alberta's oilsands
bulletPresentation to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers conference; "Bridges to Sustainable Agriculture"
bulletCritique of Alberta energy policy.

November 05, 2010

bullet   Letters on electricity supply and climate change
bullet   Introduction to the Lightfoot Institute

May 18, 2010

bulletPeace River Country, Alberta, Canada -  Nuclear Debates

May 18, 2010

bulletReport by Cosmos Voutsinos, Road Map for a Comprehensive Energy Policy

March 20, 2010

bulletLetter to Dr. John Holdren, Director, Office of Science & Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President 

January 23, 2010

bullet Letters re climate change, wind energy and nuclear power for 2009

June 19, 2009

bulletCNS "Western Focus Seminar" nuclear and oilsands presentations and papers posted on "Guest" page

March 18, 2009

bulletCanadian Nuclear Society Conference "Western Focus Seminar" advertised

January 5, 2009

bullet Letters re National Climate Change Process, wind power and terra preta in the oilsands
bulletNuclear Presentation to Rotary Club, Lethbridge

July 1, 2008

bulletReflections on the National Climate Change Process and Canada's nuclear renaissance
bulletArticle published in "Alberta Oil" on nuclear energy prospects in Alberta's oil sands (oilsands)
bulletUpdate and posting of Canadian Nuclear Association 2001  economic analysis for Canada's Kyoto plans

June 16, 2008

bulletNuclear presentation to Probus Lethbridge
bulletIntroduction to Three Mile Island (TMI)  public health effects documents
bullet Letters re TMI mutant monsters and change of public attitude to oil sands development

May 12, 2008

bulletNuclear Presentations to Whitecourt and Blue Ridge, Alberta
bullet Letters re "soil from oil" (terra preta) and National Climate Change Process

January 27, 2008

bulletArticle published in "Alberta Oil" on terra preta soil
bullet Letter re transparency and National Climate Change Process
bullet Letter re offsets

December 21, 2007

bullet Letters from May, 2007 re wind, Alberta Royalty Review, Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, Minister Baird
bulletInput to the Alberta Royalty Review and the Canadian Academy of Engineering
bulletModified Computare Services page

June 18, 2007

bulletRevised book length article from Cosmos Voutsinos on nuclear energy and Alberta tar sands
bulletArticle from H. Douglas Lightfoot on his "Nobody's Fuel" DVD
bulletReflections on  greenhouse gas mangement and the invention of "terra preta" soil

May 15, 2007

bulletArticle from "Alberta Oil: The Magazine" "Environment 2.0: more energy is less"
bullet Letters from 2007 re climate change games and politics

March 02, 2007

bulletContribution from Ernest Siddall on "Guest" page
bullet Letters from 2007 re Branson prize, carbon tax and "Kyoto think"
bullet Letters from 2006 re Minister Ambrose, wood products and advice to government

December 16, 2006

bulletNew "Guest" page. Initial contributors are Dan Meneley, Cosmos Voutsinos and Paul Geraghty
bullet Letters re thorium fission fuel, Kyoto Protocol withdrawal and evolution of the planet

November 11, 2006

bullet Letter re Kyoto Protocol withdrawal clause

October 30, 2006

bulletCosmos Voutsinos presentation and discussion paper: "Making the Most of Alberta's Tar Sands"
bulletComments on "The Senators Speak" - Water in the West: Under Pressure
bullet Letters to editors re Canada's Clean Air Act and Sustainable Development

October 2, 2006

bulletAccess to Canada's climate change plans
bullet Letters to editors re closure of Canadian climate change websites and Environment Commissioner audit.

September 26, 2006

bulletMan made Terra Preta soil research and development for Alberta?
bulletCanada's uranium exports and our energy future
bulletLetters to Editors to September 26

September 23, 2006

bulletSubmission to Alberta Government Oil Sands Consultation
bulletAdded reference to Dr. Charles Till article on the Integral Fast Reactor

September 6, 2006

bulletAdded paper titled "Nuclear Fission Fuel is Inexhaustible" and introductory discussion of it

August 2006

bulletPapers submitted to the Engineering Institute of Canada Climate Change Conference
bulletLetters to Editors July to August

July 2006

bullet Report on water use for biodiesel production from Canola oil

June 2006

bulletLetters to editors December to June
bulletLetter to Rona Ambrose

December 2005

bulletLetters to editors September to November
bulletFinal Submission to the  Nuclear Waste Management Organization
bulletComputare's review of the future management of Canada's used nuclear fuel - Commentary
bulletIncorporated Advertisements by Google
bulletRepaired broken and no longer active links to external sites

September 2005

bulletLetters to editors for April to August

March 2005

bulletBrief to Parliament re Canada's Greenhouse Gas Inventory
bulletSubmissions to the Nuclear Waste Management Organization
bulletLetters to editors for February and March

February 2005

bulletLetters to editors for January

December 2004

bulletOne Tonne Challenge Report for 2003 - Duane and Bobbie Pendergast
bulletLetters to editors for October, November, December 

October 2004

bulletPresentation to Americas Nuclear Energy Symposium on the carbon cycle, energy and greenhouse gas control
bulletPaper  on the carbon cycle, energy and greenhouse gas control
bulletLetters to editors for September

July 2004

bulletCalculation of personal greenhouse gas inventory - Duane and Bobbie Pendergast
bulletLetters to editors for July

June 2004

bullet Summary of a conference on agricultural use of charcoal as fertilizer and carbon sink
bulletLetters to editors for May and June

May 2004

bulletA presentation to Cafe Scientifique  Lethbridge on  Kyoto, energy production and the carbon cycle
bulletLetters to editors for April have been added

April 2004

bulletLetters to editors for March have been added
bulletEarly experience with fire, land use, land use change and forestry
bulletReview of initiatives on  the potential role of charcoal as a soil amendment and greenhouse gas sink

March 2004

bulletLetters to editors for February and March of 2004 have been added
bulletAdded presentation on nuclear energy to the Canadian Institute of Energy  from January of 2002
bulletAdded analysis presented as input to the National Climate Change Process  in March 2001
bulletNew commentary from February 2004 on Kyoto aspects of the federal budget speech
bulletComments in March 2004 on an excellent essay by David Goodstein on climate change and energy supply

January 2004

bulletLetters to editors covering 2003 October to 2003 December 2003, and January 2004 have been added
bulletAdded information on CNS climate change conferences
bulletAdded December 2002 proposed article for the Globe and Mail urging delay with Kyoto ratification
bulletAdded October 2002 letter to Premier Klein on the National Climate Change Process and responses
bulletInitiated "Computare Commentary" with  notes on a paper evaluating the climate change role of early agriculture
bulletInitiated "Computare on Greenhouse Gas Emissions" with a note on personal greenhouse gas emissions

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